Inside YouTube’s 2023 priorities: Empowering creators, building for the future, and protecting the community

#1: Supporting the Success of Creators:

  • Introducing more revenue streams outside of ads, such as channel memberships and live streaming options.
  • Investing in shopping features to help creators monetize their content.
  • Broadening accessibility for people who are deaf or hard of hearing by expanding access to machine-translated captions in livestreams and Shorts.
  • Providing more tools and resources for creators to grow their businesses on the platform.

#2: Building for the YouTube of the future:

  • Focusing on TV and streaming features to meet viewers where they’re watching content.
  • Expanding Primetime Channels, a hub for TV shows, movies, and live sports broadcasts.
  • Using AI-generated technology to expand storytelling and raise production value in creator content.
  • Allowing creators to experiment with AI capabilities, such as simulated backgrounds and virtual outfit swapping.

#3: Protecting the YouTube Community:

  • Making it easier to find family-friendly videos through YouTube Kids.
  • Creating multiple layers of protection for younger users.
  • Lifting up high-quality content that helps kids learn and grow.
  • Creating a safer and more inclusive space for different ages and communities.

Overall, YouTube’s priorities for 2023 are focused on empowering creators to succeed, building for the future, and protecting the community.

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