YouTube starts presale of NFL Sunday Ticket subscription

YouTube is now offering NFL Sunday Ticket subscriptions to its base plan subscribers. The presale period for the add-on, which provides access to all local, national, and out-of-market games, began on April 11, 2023, and will last until June 6, 2023. During this period, subscribers can purchase NFL Sunday Ticket for $249 and the NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL RedZone bundle for $289 for the season. Once the presale period ends, the price for both packages will increase by $100.

Compared to DirecTV, which had the streaming rights to NFL Sunday Ticket since 1994, YouTube’s prices are lower. Last year, YouTube began selling subscriptions to other streaming providers through its Primetime Channels offering, and the company will also offer NFL Sunday Ticket through this store during the presale period. The presale price for NFL Sunday Ticket in Primetime Channels is $349, and the bundle will cost $389.

YouTube’s acquisition of the streaming rights for NFL Sunday Ticket last December reportedly cost Google $2 billion per season. The company also announced a new feature called “Multiviews,” which allows users to view multiple streams in a mosaic format on one screen. This function will be available for NFL Sunday Ticket streaming, along with unlimited DVR storage, personalized recommendations, key plays, NFL Fantasy data, real-time stats, and the ability to hide spoilers on YouTube TV.

According to YouTube’s announcement, users who subscribe through Primetime Channels will see live NFL games featured prominently in their feeds. The company is also working on integrating shopping and social features, such as chat, polls, and more, into its NFL Sunday Ticket offerings.

YouTube’s presale of NFL Sunday Ticket subscriptions is an exciting development for sports fans who want to access all local, national, and out-of-market games at a lower cost than DirecTV. With new features like Multiviews and shopping integrations, YouTube is poised to enhance the NFL Sunday Ticket experience for its subscribers.

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