As of this week, YouTube will now enable its creators to see how many clips have been created from their uploads due to an added Insights element within YouTube Studio. 

Enlisted in the the new ‘Clips’ section within YouTube Studio, users will now see a full list of the clips cut from your content, along with who created it, when, and the total views each has generated this far. These insights provide more context as to which videos are driving more engagement, and seeing more reach through user clips.

This new insight could help users to better strategize, and boost content appeal, or at the least, to understand which parts of uploaded video content are driving the most interest in different contexts. 

This follows a similar YouTube’s Shorts remix analytics, which provide insight into expanded Shorts engagement, as well as song usage for musicians. The added data will give users an expanded view of content impact, which, as noted, could influence planning and strategy moving forward.

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