In an exciting development for gaming enthusiasts, YouTube is reportedly testing a new online gaming feature called “Playables.” This move comes almost six months after the closure of Google’s cloud gaming service, Stadia. The Playables feature aims to enable users to play games directly through the YouTube website on desktop or via the YouTube app on iOS and Android devices.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Playables will offer a collection of arcade-style games, including the popular title Stack Bounce, where players navigate a bouncing ball to demolish layers of bricks. While a YouTube spokesperson declined to confirm the experiment, they emphasized that gaming has long been a focus for the platform, and they are continually exploring new features. Google had previously hinted at the possibility of leveraging Stadia’s technology in other areas, such as YouTube, Google Play, and augmented reality (AR) efforts.

If YouTube proceeds with this gaming initiative, it is highly likely that Google would leverage the existing codebase developed for Stadia. Stadia, launched in 2019, introduced a novel concept of cloud-based gaming, allowing users to play games directly from the cloud without the need for console downloads. It featured a unique feature called Crowd Choice on YouTube, where creators could livestream their Stadia gameplay and engage viewers through live polls in the chat section. Despite its innovative approach, Stadia faced challenges in attracting a sufficient player base, leading to its shutdown earlier this year in January.

The potential integration of gaming into YouTube holds great promise. With its vast user base and extensive reach, YouTube has the potential to revolutionize the gaming landscape by offering a seamless gaming experience to its users. While further details regarding Playables remain under wraps, it is clear that YouTube is committed to exploring and expanding its gaming offerings. As the lines between video content and gaming continue to blur, YouTube’s foray into online gaming could mark an exciting new chapter for both the platform and its users. Gamers and YouTube enthusiasts alike eagerly await further announcements regarding Playables and the potential fusion of YouTube and gaming.

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