You won’t believe what these newsletter publishers are planning to do in 2023!

Despite the economic downturn, newsletter publishers have remained resilient, sustaining ad revenue and subscriber growth. This has encouraged some publishers to cautiously plan to expand their editorial and sales teams this year, with the aim of continuing their profitability.

However, they are aware of the ongoing economic uncertainty and the need to maintain spending control. Therefore, these publishers, including 1440, The Ankler, Front Office Sports, Industry Dive, and Puck, are careful in their hiring process, looking to strike a balance between growth and profitability.

Front Office Sports is currently looking for editorial roles and salespeople in different markets, while The Ankler plans to hire a head of sales and additional reporters and writers. Meanwhile, 1440 intends to hire a few marketing, growth, and sales roles, and Puck will bring on new journalists and business personnel such as tech, ad sales, or growth marketing roles.

However, these publishers are cautious not to grow too quickly, being mindful of adding additional operating costs to their businesses at a time of economic instability. The Gist, for example, is holding back on hiring and focused on not spending too much, while 1440 is not diversifying beyond newsletters for now to prioritize core newsletter products.

Overall, these publishers remain cautious about their hiring plans, trying to make good bets and not get too far ahead of themselves. They are aware that there are no sure things in today’s economic climate and are keeping a watchful eye on costs while continuing to seek growth.

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