Oh, cool so we aren’t the only ones having anxiety attacks over having to create enough content for TikTok and Instagram reels? Good to know. Since the pandemic, everything is moving SO FAST in the world of digital content and there seems to be an unspoken pressure on brands and freelancers alike on having to create engaging reels and capitalise on the algorithms. 

On the other hand if you’re totally bewildered as to why you’re here and what’s going on, let’s break it down. In its most basic definition, Instagram Reels are first & foremost, videos. These short-form videos can be up to 60 seconds and are fun ways to capitalize on trending moments in pop culture, form a brand identity, and engage with your community. Like the popular Instagram Stories format, Reels can feature filters, captions, and more. Unlike stories, Reels do not disappear after 24 hours which makes them even more important in building up a content library.

Here is a little three-step breakdown on how to bump up engagement and truly understand how to control the platform – rather than let it control you. It’s as easy as 1,2,3…


TikTok is more helpful for this than reels. On the Explore page, you have a whole section dedicated to trending sounds. Pick one that suits your brand and film your take on it. The beauty with reels is that more often than not simple is better. For example, the trending sound of ‘Careless Whisper’ is usually used to talk about romantic situations that had a nobreaker – but why not flip it around and make the POV a freelancer whose client doesn’t pay and therefore the job doesn’t work out? Get creative with it and give them a go.


The same goes for filters. Certain filters and green screens trend so use them to your advantage!

Consistency – perfection ain’t the key, baby

The algorithm works on a ‘the more the merrier’ basis. Its better to post twice a day, five days a week than once or twice a week which you might do with Instagram posts. To be honest, this used to be the case for Instagram back in the day, remember? Try and schedule some and like we have said, don’t overthink them. Take a simple TikToks more often and build up slowly. 

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