WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS), making up about 40% of the websites in existence. It’s run online which means it doesn’t require taking up storage on your devices either. It works as a website but can also be used as a blog, gallery, chatroom and more. 

Here are some beginner, intermediate and advanced tutorials on how to use the infamous site.


WordPress for Beginners
WordPress.org itself hosts a lot of tutorials that cover pretty much all aspects of building a website and getting it live with WordPress. 
How to Make a Website in 2021 (Step by Step)
Hosted by WPBeginner, this free 30 minute tutorial walks you through all the stages of creating a WordPress website. This video is meant for super early beginners. Quick, easy, effective. 
How to make a WordPress website: Step-by-step
This 24-step tutorial explains how to create your own site. 
The WordPress Beginner’s Guide
There are sections on everything from domain names, to how to choose a theme, and tips for keeping your WordPress site secure.
FTP How to
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a fast and simple way to upload files from your computer to your WordPress website. WPBeginner have put together a six minute tutorial on how to use this nifty tool. 
How to add GoogleAdds to your WordPress site
Google AdSense is a great way to earn money through programmatic ads. This tutorial shows you how. 


How to Add a Request to Call Back Form in WordPress
WordPress’ 7 minute video teaches how to add a button to your website that allows customers to request a callback from you at your earliest convenience. It’s a specific tutorial that gets the job done. If you’re offering a product or service through your website and you regularly take calls from customers, this can be a great feature to add. 
How to Create a Landing Page for your WordPress website
The landing page of your website is the doormat to your services – its essential in creating a good first impression. 
How to Speed a WordPress site
Studies have shown that most website visitors click off if the website isn’t fully loaded within four seconds. This WordPress tutorial shows you how to speed up and optimise your site, to get things working as smoothly and quickly as possible. 
How to Make an Online Store
This tutorial shows you how to take your site into e-commerce so that it can take payments for products. This is ideal if you sell merch amongst other products/services. 
Customise the WordPress sidebar
This three and a half minute video teaches the best use of customising WordPress widgets such as the sidebar. 
How to Add Custom Javascript to WordPress the Right Way 
This free, six minute tutorial describes why Javascript is useful and why you should use it. . Javascript gives your website its feel by adding interactive elements like the ability to zoom in and out, changing a button’s color when you hover your mouse over it, displaying animations, showing drop-down menus and much more. This makes it incredibly useful in having a website that stands out by keeping up with the latest trends. 
How to Create Plugins
Pataki demonstrates how to create plugins for your WordPress website. He uses the example of creating a plugin that integrates Facebook Open Graph with WordPress and walks you through the process. The tutorial covers everything you need to know to build your own plugin, from using hooks and filters to adding scripts and styles.


How to Easily Hide your WordPress Login Page from Hackers
Definitely a tutorial for the more advanced WordPress users but a crucial one at that. What’s great is that Martin Aranovitch offers this 12 minute tutorial completely free. This tutorial demonstrates a strategy that can protect your website against brute force attacks and should be used in conjunction with other security measures so you’re protected from all sides.

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