Web3 is the next internet revolution. Every platform, organisation and digital economy is being decentralised – bringing community and the people at the heart of key digital economic decisions & finally making wealth generation a possibility to all.

Tech, IT and many digital spaces have notoriously been a bunch of boys clubs for as long as we can remember and even if statistically women make up a lot of the space, their presence is often ignored. The top 10 richest people in the world are men with 50% of those making their finances off tech spaces.

Web3 is the newest and most exciting digital venture for artists and investors alike and, thankfully, there are several platforms encouraging the involvement of women within these digital spaces.

Women in Web 3.0 is a DAO-2b that enables women to become creators, builders or leaders in Web 3 through collaborative work and meaningful gatherings. The platform’s vision is a web3 ruled by queens of all backgrounds.

The Women in Web 3.0 DAO is for conscious, compassionate, and supportive women who want to make friends and connections on the way to becoming creators, builders or leaders in this revolutionary space.

When users join, the platform gives “access to a network of rad women, carefully curated web3 resources, meaningful events, and more.”

Follow their Twitter for information on joining their web spaces and becoming a part of the community.

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