The producers of the 2013 hit movie “Wolf of Wall Street” are reportedly exploring the world of NFTs as a means of monetizing their valuable intellectual property. Red Granite Pictures, the film’s rights holders, have partnered with Aventus, a web3 solutions provider, to create “The Wolf of Wall Street Experience,” which will feature a series of NFTs for fans to collect. These NFTs will offer exclusive content, rewards, and experiences, with limited access to an invite-only event to celebrate the film’s tenth anniversary for those who purchase them.

Aventus Network, which is building the NFTs, is a carbon-neutral layer 1 solution on Polkadot that offers enhanced scalability, speed, and security. The NFTs will be usable on over 50 blockchains, including Ethereum. Alan Vey, the founder and CEO of Aventus, is excited to be part of a historic moment in the industry as more sectors, including blockbuster movies, recognize the benefits of NFTs for community building and engagement.

It is worth noting that Jordan Belfort, the real-life figure who inspired the film and made a cameo appearance in it, released his own NFT collection in 2021 and has called himself a “cryptocurrency guru.” He also purchased a Cryptopunk for over $400,000 in October 2021.

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