With the Rise of Animation During the Pandemic, Should You Invest Time Teaching Yourself 3d Design?

For designers, and product designers, in particular, possessing 3D skills can broaden your horizons and open up opportunities in VR/AR, indie games, 3D printing and more. Animation is only growing more and more popular by the minute so yeah are some words that might help you decide whether you want to pursue a 3D animation element to your career. 

There are many free resources available such as the open-source 3D software Blender. It has an extensive feature set and a fast-growing online community. This erases cost from the equation at least!

At Wishu, we believe you can conquer 3D design – if you’re already a designer – in 14 weeks by adopting a type of workflow. 

Week 1: Get familiar with Blender
Spend the first few days learning how to navigate Blender’s user interface. Try to create your first 3D model in Blender by following a 10-min tutorial made by tutor4u.

Week 2-9: Climb the learning curve
Use tutorials to learn as much as you can about the software.

Week 10 – 14: Create your own art project
Now that you’ve been through the trial and error of the learning process. Apply this to your first project and see how you go. Of course, this first project won’t be perfect and it won’t be your best but if you keep working for the rest of the year you’re sure to go miles! 

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