While scrolling through Instagram, you might have come across intriguing ads claiming to increase the like counts of your Instagram posts in exchange for a monthly subscription. In other words, these ads encourage you to buy Instagram likes in exchange for money!

While it may sound alluring, let me tell you why you should not fall for them and why you should never, I repeat, NEVER buy Instagram likes!

In this short explainer, I am going to help you understand what happens when you buy Instagram likes and why you should not buy your Instagram likes at any cost. So, let’s dive right into it, shall we?

How to Buy Likes on Instagram?

Now, when it comes to buying Instagram likes, there are numerous platforms that offer the service. A simple Google search will provide you with various platforms from where you can buy Instagram likes at minimal rates.

You can simply choose one of these service providers and subscribe to their paid plans to not only buy Instagram likes but also buy followers for your Instagram account.

How Bought Instagram Likes Work?

Bought Instagram likes work the same way as regular Instagram likes. So yeah, they will surely increase the like count of your Instagram posts and show them on your profile. However, unlike regular likes on Instagram, bought Instagram likes are not at all organic. 

You see, regular Instagram likes come from real Instagram users who are actual individuals. Bought Instagram likes, on the other hand, come mostly from bot or fake Instagram accounts that are created solely for generating inorganic likes and followers of Instagram posts and accounts.

Why You Should NEVER Buy Instagram Likes?

Buying likes for your Insta posts may seem like a good idea until you start realizing the major drawbacks related to it. So, here’s me telling you all the significant reasons why you might want to stay away from buying likes on Instagram:

1. Increased Likes, Decreased Credibility

Although buying Instagram likes for your posts can increase the like count, it will drastically decrease the credibility of your Instagram account.

Being an Instagram creator means building trust and maintaining transparency for followers. However, if you buy likes for your Instagram posts, your followers can easily see that the likes are coming from bot and fake accounts.

So, this will naturally decrease the credibility of your Instagram account. More importantly, if your followers come to know that most of the likes of your posts are bought, they might start unfollowing you.

2. Your Instagram Account Might Get Banned

Instagram has many strict policies regarding automated activities and fake growth for accounts. In its official blog, the company mentions its steps to “limit this kind of unwelcome behavior.”

So, if you start buying Instagram likes from third-party services, there is a high chance that Instagram might detect it and permanently ban your account.

If there is no Instagram account, what would you even do with all the bought Instagram likes? Hence, this is one of the most important reasons why you should never buy Instagram likes from third-party services.

3. Buying Instagram Likes Can Rattle Your Engagement Rate

The engagement rate of your Instagram account is one of the most important metrics that attracts brands to partner with you, and likes are an essential factor that affects the engagement rate.

Although buying Instagram likes increases the like counts of your posts, they do not affect the engagement rate. 

So, if you want to maintain a consistent engagement rate for your Instagram account, you might want to stay away from buying likes on Instagram.

4. Less Chance for Brand or Influencer Collaborations

As buying Instagram likes decreases the credibility of your account and ruffles the engagement rate, brands and influencers will be less likely to collaborate with you.

Instagram collabs are one of the best ways to significantly grow on the platform, and you will be missing out on these opportunities, and that too, just for buying Instagram likes and spending your money.

5. It Might Decrease Your Sales Drastically

If you are running a business account on Instagram, another major drawback of buying Instagram likes is that it might drastically decrease your sales.

You see, buying Instagram likes can be easily detected by users on the platform. Anyone can go through the likes of your post, and if they see a significant amount of bot likes, they will easily understand that they are bought!

So, if any competitor brand or user gets to know about you buying Instagram likes, they can use it to defame you on the platform. This can ruin the reputation of your Instagram account and decrease the sales of your products drastically.

Refrain from Buying Instagram Likes!

That wraps up our explainer on buying Instagram likes. If you buy Instagram likes for your posts, there are many more drawbacks than there are pros.

Furthermore, it can harm your authenticity and ruin your reputation in the industry. So, it is a given that you should never buy Instagram likes for any of your accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I buy Instagram likes?

Yes, you can definitely buy Instagram likes using paid plans from various third-party service providers.

From where can I buy Instagram likes?

Instagram likes can be bought from third-party platforms like Buzzoid, Twicsy, Famoid, Poprey, and others.

Should I buy Instagram likes?

Buying Instagram likes is not at all recommended as it can do more harm to an Instagram account than improve it.

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