TikTok’s mega popularity is mostly down to its intense projection of authenticity and organic ability to capture ‘real life moments’. It’s therefore no wonder why such an app would thrive in the Covid era where a need for connection was so desired by so many. 

Old school A-listers, however, still don’t seem to understand the need to present an unpolished, grounded version of themself as a way to harness new, and often younger, fans via the app. 

One celebrity famous for her inability to be ‘real’ is Kim Kardashian. Despite an infamous ‘reality’ show, Kardashian’s consistent oversharing of a lavish and unrelatable lifestyle leaves TikTok users to label the reality TV star as “narcissistic” and “out of touch.” 

In late January, Kardashian hopped on the viral ‘I’m … of course I…” TikTok trend. Kim Kardashian posted the viral format in the form of an officer tour on social media, showing off the different luxuries she has as part of her new SKKN campaign. As she walks through her office, she narrates, “I’m Kim Kardashian, of course I…” and fills in the blank with different features of the SKKN office. 

“I’m Kim Kardashian,” she continues. “Of course I have my mannequin with my custom measurements in my glam room.” Other features of her office: 3D models of her brain and her plane, a tanning bed, a red light bed, and a SKKN product shrine. She closes the video by announcing the launch of her lip liners. “I’m Kim Kardashian, of course I’m launching lip liners in 15 different nudes,” she says, holding up a bundle of the products.

“She basically called me poor in 20 different languages,” one person wrote in the comment section. 

“This just shows how out of touch she is,” another person commented. “Tasteless.”

“I’m Kim Kardashian, of course I’m narcissistic,” one comment reads, emulating the narration of the video.

“I’m Kim Kardashian, of course I have everything I want,” a final comment reads. “Seriously, the rich are too rich. It makes me physically sick.”

Another celebrity who has come under more heat recently is Jennfier Lopez (JLo). After investing $20 million of her own money into producing a visual album and documentary for her latest album “This Is Me…Now” clips from the documentary have come under intense scrutiny across TikTok as well as Meta’s Instagram for ‘milking’ her working class background and not acknowledging the privilege of having lived as a Los Angeles millionaire for the past two decades. 

In the most viral clip from the documentary, Jennifer was seen reminiscing about her youth as she stared at herself in a mirror, seemingly in a dance studio, while roughing up her hair. JLo went on to say: “I like taking my hair out like this. “It reminds me [of], like, when I was 16 in the Bronx running up and down the block.” While looking at her reflection, in a seemingly serious state of mind, Jennifer continued: “Crazy little girl who used to be f–kin wild.

“No limits. All dreams and s–t.”

Many younger TikTok users receive the clip as an inauthentic reach to come across as relatable. One user’s comment went viral comparing Lopez to Steve Carrell’s cringe-worthy Michael Scott character from the wildly popular comedy show ‘The Office’, highlighting Lopez’s self-absorption and un-likability. Like Michael Scott, she is a joy to hate from a viewer perspective. 

A TikTok user wrote: “I had no clue Jenny was from the Block.”

Another person commented: “I think she would like the song ‘Jenny from the Block.‘”

Someone else penned: “It’s giving me acting out scenarios when I’m home alone.”

Jennifer recently canceled several tour dates without explanation, The New York Post reported.

The viral clip is really the that broke the camel’s back for TikTok users. Lopez also posted a clip several months ago in which she promotes a health product and her face filter falls off without being addressed. 

The accumulation of such attempted airbrushing places Lopez in the same category as Karsdashian; a celebrity so incapable of presenting a relatable lifestyle or persona that they defeat the purpose, language and nature of TikTok content and what it means for its multi-million daily users. 

The flip side is that users love to hate on this A-list behavior with multiple UGC spoofs and reaction videos going viral. The moral? Jenny from the Block stays on top as users need her name and content to produce viral videos themselves.