Why short message service (SMS) is no longer optional for growth

SMS is the next big growth channel. 

Looking at stats, over 37% of Americans prefer to receive brand communications through text. 

Is SMS marketing right for your business?

You might be surprised but looking at Statista’s figures SMS and texting experienced a 75% year-over-year increase in popularity among customers. 

Statista data showing text message stats

The answer is undoubtedly yes if you’re seeking ways to deliver time-sensitive messages, reminders, and notifications, have personalised dialogues, and create relationships with interested consumers.

Benefits of SMS marketing:

  • Because of its speed, immediacy, and capacity to have two-way interactions, it is improving customer experiences.
  • Providing customers/users an easy and convincing way to communicate with you.

Types of SMS messages to consider:

One of the first things to remember is that there are two kinds of SMS messages you can use in your marketing strategy: transactional and promotional text messages.

  • Transactional SMS messages contain important customer updates, like order confirmations or shipping information. 
  • Promotional SMS messages you can send to your target audience to increase sales, promote a product, offer a special sale, promote branded events or build brand awareness. 

Here are some top tips for maximizing your SMS success:

  • Give early access to products or exclusive offers. Making it valuable for the member/user.
  • Ask customers/users to share photos, favorite movies, opinions. The key is to make it fun and personable to reach as many responses. 
  • People use SMS as an extremely intimate communication method. Always remember that you’re in a private environment and treat the channel with respect.

When you’re trying something new, the best advice is to go slowly and test. 

You should start with the basics and work your way up to more sophisticated use cases until you’re ready to use SMS across the board.

Don’t always treat SMS as a sales channel. It’s an opportunity for you to connect with your members/customers and have a conversation with them. This way you’ll build your brand loyalty and engagement. 

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