Why Kid Circus and Assisting Work are genius Instagram accounts

I’ve been familiar with @assisting_work‘s Instagram account for a while now but didn’t put it to my own use until this weekend and my God…it’s genius!

For those unfamiliar, @assisting_work is an Instagram account with a huge network of creatives who help others find each other. For example, this weekend I was preparing a photoshoot for an editorial I have been asked to feature in and curate for an independent music magazine. It’s for their print issue dedicated to female and non-binary creatives. I was looking for a lighting assistant and the magazine didn’t have one in their network, my own contact fell through and I needed it to be a female or non-binary gaffer. 

My friend, who also happens to be my movement director, suggested I post a story saying what and who I was looking for and to tag @assisting_work and @kidcircus (I’ll come to them later) and to my happy surprise I was flooded with DMs, receiving 50 in the space of 24hr. You see? Genius!

In the case of Kid Circus, its service is similar. However I wanted to give a little bit of background to Kid Circus with them being an interesting individual. Kid Circus is a fashion and portrait photographer based in London but is truly a multi-disciplinary artist having performing arts and taken up DJing among his many skills. 

He stresses his love for collaboration saying to CSM “Whilst I was at college collaboration didn’t begin and end with the putting together of plays and performances we did. Me and my fellow students were also putting on club nights, which required taking care of everything from getting the venue right to working with graphics people on publicity, programming the DJs and bands, all requiring working together towards a common goal.

On my return to London, working with people I had made connections within the nightlife industry followed a similar vein.  I was helping others to put on club events in venues across the city, again working to find the right venue, booking the right DJs (obviously including myself haha), ensuring we had the people we wanted to create the right atmosphere on the night and making sure we had all our health and safety protocols in place.”

Here’s to collaborative creation!

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