For small and large businesses alike, hiring freelancers – whether on a shorter or longer term basis – can prove to be great assets to the productivity and creativity of your company. In order for the work to be as beneficial as possible, both freelancer and employer must invest in the nature of the working relationship. 

Freelance work is ideal when you need an extra pair of hands but don’t require the long term commitment of full time employment with this skill. For smaller companies, it is normal to develop working relationships with a handful of freelancers which may evolve into full time positions if the circumstances allow. 

Freelancers offer flexibility and niche expertise where full time employees cannot. With a great freelancer, companies can expect small input with maximum quality output. A major survey from LinkedIn shows that 83% of small businesses who work regularly with freelancers see great value in their contribution. The great outputs happen when both parties put sufficient effort into the working relationship which involves proactive communication and a solid system in place. The best way to ensure a smooth process is to lay out before the freelancer is hired. Have in place the payment, onboarding process, interview plan and requirements so that everything between both parties is clear and both avoid any nasty surprises.

The best way to lay out this process is via a contract which benefits both parties. The contract should cover all the nitty gritty from cancellation policies to pay delay and the length of the agreement. 

In terms of fees, if you’re new to the freelancer game it is worth getting a second opinion from others in the field. If you feel that a graphic designer may be overcharging, check with other small companies in regards to what they pay their freelance graphic designers. 

When it comes to finding a freelancer it’s a great idea to build your network and if you haven’t yet been able to do that there are several platforms, including Wishu, which connect employers with freelancers. 

Once you have found the right freelancer for you and your business it’s time to finalise it. Legal help with the contract could make a big difference here. 

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