How Luxury Fashion Is Embracing Gaming?

Fashion has managed to bring gaming into its own real world but the flipside of the coin is yet to be explored. For example, designers like Pierre Cardin, Alexander McQueen, and Hussein Chalayan revolutionized the ready-to-wear industry through the unique incorporation of technology and forward-thinking aesthetics. However the reverse effect – say designers showcasing inside of video games – is few and far between. 

Similar to the ways in which many brands have joined TikTok, the embrace of video games is an attempt to engage a new audience and curate content that is on the cutting-edge of fashion. And with fashion weeks and presentations being held virtually over the last year, the move to embrace digital formats is natural for these houses. Both Marc Jacobs and Valentino designed outfits for the ever-popular game Animal Crossing, showing the immense crossover between fashion and gaming. 

Not only looking to tap into new markets, but fashion retailers and brands have also been experimenting with new ways to engage the emerging shopping space. The fashion styling game—available on the App Store and Google Play—Drest, has allowed luxury shoppers to “try on” pieces from brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. The app is community-focused and allows users to share and view looks styled by Drest users. 

Whether it be exploring virtual currencies or collaborating with bustling video games, luxury fashion brands have been more willing than ever to merge into new creative sectors. 

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