Why creative agencies should embrace – and not fear – ChatGPT

I think it is fair to say that 2023 marks the dawn of the artificial intelligence (AI) era for creative agencies. Agencies will all soon be using readily available and easy-to-adopt smart-copy generation tools like Jasper for content creation, hyper-charging SEO results with Surfer and making royalty-free music for campaigns with platforms like Boomy. 

Why exactly should creative agencies be embracing AI? Well, AI automates outputs and shrinks hours needed for tedious tasks, deliverables get done faster, more efficiently and costs for agencies and their clients are therefore minimised.
While human editing and oversight for most of these tasks will be required in the near-term, data is the prime currency for these tools and machine learning will rapidly compound results as usage increases and these new tools improve at an incredible pace.

Even our most used platforms and tools like Notion, Figma, Slack and Loom will soon have hyper-intelligent AI-powered assistants built in to supercharge productivity. 

The implementation of AI by creative agencies also means for the creation of new and immersive worlds. Beautiful, realistically rendered 3D worlds are quickly generated by inputting a few keywords and can be plugged into any compatible virtual platform. You can tell Atlas that you would like a a digital arena inspired by the Super Bowl arena filled with dancing wearing Madonna-esque Jean Paul Gaultier Cone bras, that you want it underwater, and you will have a handful of iterations generated and ready to be dragged and dropped into these worlds within seconds.

Another exciting point for creative agencies is that every key area of brand and agency marketing will have a stack of tools to choose from to enhance performance – from support onboarding and training teams to content creation, moderation and better tracking and reporting. Yes to an efficient, helpful creative agency future supported by AI!

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