2022 has seen the slow death of Instagram perfection and the prioritisation of TikTok and BeReal authenticity and realism. As a result, brands are taking a more casual and spontaneous approach to social media posting. However, if you’ve already tried your hand at creating a more spontaneous and casual feed, you would have noticed that curating casual still takes effort. 

A casual social media approach – by means of curation and the platforms you choose (TikTok and BeReal adoption or evolution) may not work for everyone and there are certain things to consider before you make the aesthetic deviation. 

Firstly, is a causal platform and approach right fit for your kind of business and the kind of content you want to create? What audience will this platform open you up to and are they the right market?

Secondly, you need to understand who your audience are and whether this kind of content would make sense for them. On the other hand, will this content attract the kind of audience you want to expand to? It goes both ways.  

Finally, do you have the time to devote to another platform and does it fit in with your other strategies? 

If you’re ready to proceed we suggest evaluating casual content into two general categories; proactive and reactive. 

Proactive content is content that shows the story from your company’s perspective. Reactive content involves responding to content that says something about your company’s services or work culture. 

An example of proactive content might be a TikTok in which a brand uses a trending sound to highlight its two product options. An example of reactive content on the other hand may be a TikTok Stitch or Duet in which a brand responds to content that says something about its company’s services or work culture or a relevant topic. For example, if your company produces a sustainable toilet roll you might want to Stitch a popular TikTok about the environment to showcase how you’re providing a solution. 

The key to casual content is really showing a brand’s personality. Amani Youssef, the creative director of So Social, a marketing agency, says the brand created its TikTok account to have more fun and showcase its work culture. ‘We showcase our personalities and just have a laugh – it’s not a place for us to present all of our work or advertise our services,’ she says. 

Another way to hone in on what sort of content to produce would be to start creating content pillars – these will vary by brand, but they could be entertainment, educational, trend or inspirational. 

When it comes to how the content is run, we also strongly recommend hiring one person to lead it. If multiple people are randomly posting on TikTok, it’s inconsistent and the message will be different. We want to strive for consistency. 

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