When I was in sixth form, if you turned up to school wearing a Canada Goose jacket, you meant business. Known for their signature high quality patch downs, Canada Goose is making waves in the sustainable fashion scene. 

The brand’s chief marketing and experience officer, Penny Brooks spoke on the latest episode of the Marketer’s Brief podcast about the importance of maintaining the customer connection in Canada Goose’s marketing. That connection includes being authentic and earth-focused, a message that particularly appeals to the younger Gen Z audience.

“Gen Z is a very discerning consumer and they have very high expectations of brands,” Brook said, noting the manufacturing process and how brands give back to society. “It’s not enough to just have a product that appeals to them—you have to be a brand that leads with purpose.” She added she does not expect brands that do not lead with purpose to last the decade.

Canada Goose has demonstrated intelligence in working with creators. “We have a great network of influencers globally that enjoy wearing our products and bringing them to life on the ground,” Brook said.

We were also super happy to hear Brook spoke on the brand’s plans towards resale and disposable consumption, as well as how it is trying to make its marketing content more sustainable with a lower carbon footprint.

“We don’t talk about it much in terms of the how we produce the marketing content to support the sale of that item,” said Brook. “We’re going to be taking a very keen eye on how we behave differently and the choices that we make in order that we create content that is extremely sustainable into the future.”

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