Over the past year, agencies have had to learn to prioritise short form content as post pandemic culture has shifted us into that form of consumption. Betches Media, however, has been ahead of this curve, investing in a social-first content strategy since its creation in 2011, according to co-founder and CEO Aleen Dreksler, to continue reaching its audience of primarily millennial and Gen Z women. 

As a result, despite how challenging the ad market was for many publishers’ businesses. Betches Media saw a 40% increase in revenue year over year, according to David Spiegel, the recently appointed chief revenue officer who joined the company last July who did not provide specific figures.

Even given this success the app continues to invest into and research up and coming content such as YouTube Shorts. In a podcast episode with Digiday, Spiegel commented;
“Coming out of the pandemic, we’ve organically grown on an annualised rate of about 35% year over year. [In 2022], we [finished] over 40% growth year over year. And as we’re looking into [20]23, we still see a similar growth trajectory.

It comes down to a couple of things. When you’re reading about the trends in the ecosystem… the IAB [is reporting that] the markets are going to grow 6% instead of 9% next year, and the major [categories] that are going to fall are linear television. These kinds of legacy products that are outdated, but have kind of carried the beltway, I think the same thing happens in digital publishing.”

The agency has also spoken out about the importance of passion and authenticity claiming how creating short form content always seems to have come more naturally to them. The agency possesses a natural understanding for the type of content that makes sense for short form and the type of content that makes sense for long form. In a way, this knowledge of nuanced consumption is their strategy. It’s authentic and therefore has a better pay off. 

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