Twitter? Who even uses it anymore? I thought it was just for ranting politicians and random meme threads from 2012? 

Despite it being overlooked in favour of larger platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, Twitter is having a niche resurgence which can prove useful for small businesses and brands. With the rise in Web3 and NFT interest, Twitter is the go-to place for this community who are supporting each other – emotionally and financially – in art and other creative spaces.  

The first mistake many make with Twitter is simply regurgitating their TikTok and Instagram feeds. Twitter is not a visual-first platform which makes its advantages very refreshing for brands. Twitter is about words; either via text or audio which allow for a personal and different style of brand storytelling. Platforms are not the same and you shouldn’t just blanket-post content across them all. Making some small tweaks to make the content feel native to the platform it’s being posted on can make all the difference. 

One thing that has been translated from TikTok is relatable content. You still see plenty of major brands and businesses with lacklustre feeds that are only promotional. It doesn’t feel like there’s a person behind it, and it’s not what resonates. Approach Twitter as a human. And send tweets from your phone: they’ll end up feeling less polished and more off the cuff.

Furthermore, due to its lack of need for visual content, you can afford to be more fun and grounded on a platform like TikTok so have fun with it. Be that relatable small business your customers want to be in with. Building a community, building a voice and getting basic brand awareness is where the social media sweet spot is. It’s not about getting people to go buy your product.

Finally, stay active. Follow your aspiring competitors and be the first to comment on or react to their content. If you’re one of the first to reply to a tweet, it’s likely to be seen by a huge audience. 

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