Did you know that Pinterest has more active users than Twitter? Neither did we until recently! Of all social media platforms, Pinterest is one that is growing rapidly. Last year, it posted audience growth of 36% to 50% among men and the under-40s. Another eye-catching stat is that, according to an eMarketer study, 48% of users say finding or shopping for products is their number one priority when they’re on the platform – significantly more than other social channels. 

Pinterest is particularly useful if you have a physical or digital product to sell such as a haircare line or series of PDF freelance planners. Pinterest can help your brand create long-lasting content, human connections and, ultimately, site conversions. 

Since the rise of TikTok more and more platforms are adapting to relatable content, so start posting the content you have already. Creating unique content that feels real is so different for the platform that it actually does well. When you get into the flow, consistent posting that is reflective of your brand and that doesn’t feel “traditionally Pinterest” can ironically do really well in this environment.

Staying active is also important. Most algorithms today work as a give and take so a decent amount of both posting and pinning is crucial. 

Like all brand platforms, selling a narrative is important. Pinterest has recently incorporated Story Pins. Story Pins enable you to, step by step, bring people into the process, where before it was just mostly stills and some video. The Stories feature is amazing.

Building up a brand is like creating a community in that you have to be on the ground sharing the gospel, connecting with people. What’s so different about Pinterest is that people are creating real communities on there. It feels really intimate and supportive. So keep an eye on what your followers are pinning and interacting with. 

Organic reach is key here so test out a few motifs, see what works and grow your brand and community! 

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