We’re here to give the aunties an insight. If you’re struggling to keep up with who Gen Z thinks are hot right now, we’re narrowing it down.

Budget Supermarkets
In tough economic times, budget supermarkets like Lidl are really helping us out. According to the Ad Age-Harris Poll Gen Z brand tracker which ranks brands that gained the most attention from Gen Z in the fourth quarter of 2022, Aldi sits at the top!

Aldi also generated buzz with several products. For instance, it got major attention in December with a limited-time $13 sparkly dress that went viral on social media. The Serra Ladies Front Knot Dress dress was part of the Aldi Finds aisle, known for its quick rotation of a variety of products. 

Additionally, Aldi gained valuable PR in November by announcing it would slash Turkey Day food prices to “match 2019 prices.”
According to an Aldi representative, “over the past year, we’ve identified ways to share the Aldi difference through channels that reach new fans.” That includes a TikTok account, which the brand launched in June.


Cosmetics also sit fairly high on the ladder for Gen Z favourites. L’Oréal, which came in eighth, “continues to try to engage Gen Z in the mediums on which they hang out,” said Harris Poll CEO Will Johnson. This includes continuing to build its TikTok presence, according to Harris Poll, as well as exploring metaverse platforms by working with Paris Hilton on Roblox through its brand Urban Decay to celebrate Halloween. The brand also partnered with metaverse platform Ready Player Me in November to allow people to use its specific products to make up their avatars.

When it comes to fashion, Gap, which came in 10th, gained publicity after its Yeezy partnership was terminated by Yeezy founder Ye (formerly Kanye) West in September. Gap later said it would take “immediate steps” to remove Yeezy gear from its stores in the wake of Ye’s antisemitic comments.


Gen Z also seemingly has a taste for vodka. According to the poll, Several alcoholic beverage brands got Gen Z’s attention last quarter, including High Noon Hard Seltzer and two vodka brands, New Amsterdam and Pinnacle Vodka.  Alcohol “seems to benefit as more Gen Zers come of legal drinking age,” said Johnson. (Of course, there is also plenty of evidence that Gen Z drinks less than previous generations.)

PepsiCo’s Mtn Dew ranked 15th in the poll. It has continued its long association with gaming. Recent moves include sponsoring a national HBCU esports tournament in September with the aim of supporting Black gamers.


As Gen Z enjoy the early driving years, several car brands are also mentioned in the list. General Motors-owned Cadillac launched a campaign in October with singer-songwriter Lenny Kravitz for the brand’s new luxury EV, the Celestiq. It included a video showing Kravitz designing his own version of the Celestiq and an art installation in LA.

In September, Volvo got YouTuber Andrew Huang to create a song made out of car noises as part of the marketing for its XC60 Plug-in Hybrid. It also recently teased a forthcoming small electric SUV targeting Gen Z. Volvo CEO Jim Rowan described plans to use subscription-based shorter-term ownership and online purchases to reel in Gen Z, according to BBC’s TopGear. “Gen Z–18, 19-year-olds–is our next market,” said Rowan. “We don’t talk to Gen Z right now, the brand has never really spoken to that younger demographic. We are absolutely heading in that direction.” 

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