Whimsical and Welcoming: Airbnb’s latest ad welcomes ‘strangers’

In a Where The Wild Things Are-esque escapade, Airbnb is going down a whimsical route for its latest ad.

The spot sees a group of large, hairy, fantastical beats break into a house. They quickly make themselves at home, have a good rifle through the records, and chance upon Kevin Morby’s Beautiful Strangers – which is when it becomes clear these aren’t monsters, they’re friendly, albeit exceptionally hairy, Airbnb guests!

The reasoning behind this creative choice stems from the online vacation rental site’s new tagline – strangers aren’t so strange.

According to Airbnb, it’s welcomed over a billion visitors so far, with hosts opening their homes to half a million strangers every day. The business saw a further boom since the pandemic’s encouragement of ‘staycations’ rather than risk going abroad.

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