Content really is the key word of 2023. No matter what you do and who you sell to, the general advice for success in 2023 is to ‘generate more content’. But as the content business changes with agencies evaluating the quantity, ethics and impact of the content they make for clients, how much content is too much?

While the average isn’t increasing as quickly as 2020 pandemic rates, digital media time is still taking up a bigger share of our overall time spent consuming media. The concerns with this increasing volume are that agencies are now just creating as much content as possible, just for the sake of producing content — not to mention the mental health impact it could pose for people.

We’ve all seen the TikTok trends of social media interns posting depressed memes with a caption that reads something like “me when the TikTok I spent 5 hours on for my boss gets 23 views”. Point is, brands aren’t always being rewarded for the content they are churning out. 

With a lot of social media content generated by influencers, influencer marketing agencies and firms are similarly having to strike the right balance between the quantity and quality of their content. “There isn’t going to be a one-size-fits-all answer when producing content for multiple platforms” Ryan Detert, CEO of influencer marketing company Influential told DigiDay. Detert insists that quality content is not just high production value — it also needs to factor in relevance for that creator’s audience. The main elements for influencers trying to grow an audience are “consistency, authenticity and cadence,” he added.

There are often conversations pushing the need for lo-fi or low-resolution content that often drives more impactful results and makes the content feel more organic. This could involve a creator polling their followers or a quick piece of lo-fi content created in a home kitchen.

Finally, the way success is measured also needs to change. It isn’t always about viewership but engagement stats; comments, shares, saves that hold the most weight.

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