First things first, what is an internal podcast? Some companies have been trying out the technique since the pandemic launched the WFH era. An internal podcast is essentially a podcast created for all or some employees of a company as a way of digesting information. While it may not be for everyone, for some workers, a podcast they can listen to whenever they like is an attractive alternative to reading a long email or attending a meeting at a mandated time.

“Everyone has a preference for a certain style of communication at a certain time,” said Jen Grogono, president and CEO of uStudio, an enterprise podcasting and media platform. “I might decide that most of my day I would prefer to pursue email, but there are some days where I find myself busy or working on a project where I put something on in the background.”

Whether for mandatory messaging or more optional content meant to make co-workers feel connected regardless of location, these private pods are becoming increasingly popular.

Here are a few internal podcast examples;

Employee communication platform Workvivo added a podcasting tool to its product suite a few years ago in response to client demand. A few years later, about 100 Workvivo customers currently use the platform to create internal podcasts, according to Pridor.

Storyboard, a private podcasting platform that has been used by brands including HelloFresh and Rocket Mortgage, also got its start in 2019, beginning with relatively small teams of “early adopters,” CEO JP Gooderham told us. Nowadays, there are “much larger teams who are looking at podcasting as an option,” he said.

All in all, the main purpose of an internal podcast is for company updates and training. The internal communications team at a major social media company commissioned a twice-weekly internal podcast as a way to change up their messaging strategy, said Elizabeth Hames, audience development specialist at Pacific Content, the podcast services company behind the effort.

“Sometimes you receive an email in your inbox from an internal comms team and it’s really easy to ignore, but the idea was a podcast might be more digestible or snackable for team members,” she explained.

Brands are also leveraging internal podcasts in a more lighthearted sense to help facilitate connections between employees at all levels. CEOs or department heads often serve as hosts, but as the trend heats up, experts noted that others are stepping up to the helm.

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