Charli XCX, FKA Twigs, and even Ed Sheeran have lately revealed what their record labels expect from them on TikTok, which is to post as many times as possible despite genuine inspiration.

Twitter user @ alluregaga2 included multiple TikTok screenshots from female pop artists revealing that their individual record labels expect them to be posting multiple times a day. Many on Twitter speculated that the self-aware nature of these TikToks’ subject matter indicated that these ladies are trying to keep up with the regularity and inventiveness required.

Without a doubt, TikTok has the power to make or break an artist’s success. Many musicians have gotten their start on TikTok as a result of their songs becoming popular during the platform’s history. JELEEL!, for example, has a large following because to his TikTok material, in which he only utilises one song for most of his videos and developed a fad of shredding his shirt, which others have followed.

Despite the fact that some of the original videos, such as FKA Twigs’, have now been deleted, the screenshots shared in @ alluregaga2’s tweet are all authentic. News outlets such as Yahoo! have reported on pressure from record labels such as Atlantic Records, however no labels have issued a statement on the matter.

Furthermore, @ alluregaga2’s tweet sparked a lot of discussion about the matter in the days that followed. Many people accused the labels of being “lazy” in their marketing strategies. Some even claimed that TikTok wasn’t harming the music industry; rather, the music industry was harming TikTok, implying that TikTok’s growing lack of promotional creativity was reflected in their artists’ increasingly self-aware content.

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