What matters most to influencers in brand partnerships?

Back in May, Deloitte, the international professional services network and management consulting company,  surveyed 400 US creators to get a better understanding of how they approach working with brands and the challenges they’re facing. The findings provide marketers with great insight into influencers and their priorities and goals. 

The survey found that many of the hiccups in the influencer marketing industry “can be resolved or reduced when platforms and brands learn more about the priorities of the creators they team with and work to turn those relationships into growth opportunities for all parties,” per the report.

Here are some top findings that shone out from the report:

– 69% of the creators surveyed said that, when deciding whether or not to partner with a certain brand, the brand’s relevancy to their audience is a top priority.

– Rates came in a close second, with 66% saying it’s an important factor when considering partnerships.

– Interestingly, just under 60% of respondents said that securing brand sponsorships is difficult, and 46% said maintaining those sponsorships is difficult.

– For influencers that do work with brands, 55% of their income, on average, comes from said partnerships.

– ‘Transparency’ is still a buzzword. Influencers are also increasingly demanding transparency when it comes to pay, an issue that’s given rise to platforms like Clara, FYPM, and Hashtag Pay Me.

– It isn’t looking good for ‘Meta’ related businesses as only 27% of creators said they see the metaverse as “relevant to their business” over the coming year.

Overall, if we have anything to learn it is that creators are looking to grow their businesses with longer partnerships, greater collaboration, multiple sources of revenue, streamlined payments, and tools for tracking content performance.

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