Nicky Reardon is one of my favourite TikTokers. His content is all about content creator growth and social media marketing. Sounds boring, but Reardon makes it fun. 

Last night I came across one of Reardon’s videos analysing why Emma Chamberlain’s coffee company is a perfect example of a successful new brand who doesn’t market its products in an annoying shove-it-down-your-face way. Reardon unpacked what makes Chamberlain Coffee so attractive and I’ll break it down for you. 

Unlike many iPhone-based photos we see on our feed, Chamberlain Coffee invests in conceptual, artistic, high quality promo content. Reardon notes that the best kind of promotion is content that “doesn’t feel like advertisement at all to the audience”. There are two ways to do this; organic content and artistic content. Organic content is something that, sure that may have been on an iPhone, but feels natural to the personality and lifestyle of the brand or its CEO. Reardon believes this type of content works best for short form video (take a Reel of Emma Chamberlain on holiday in Greece sipping an iced Chamberlain latte for example). 

For photos, however, artistic content tends to align the brand more with an editorial, “high fashion” image if you will, according to Reardon. Chamberlain’s photographic content is also brilliantly intentional. For example, content for the iced drinks are purposely photographed on the New York subway, showcasing the versatility and purpose of a canned caffeinated drink. On the other hand, home-based products, such as packaged coffee, display stunning packaging making them more attractive to leave on the countertops in comparison to competitor products. 

In the words of Reardon, Chamberlain Coffee intends to “only promote the brand in a manner that is visually appealing to our consumer so that way they never grow to resent us.” 

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