ID verification is the process of being recognised as a living, breathing person on Wishu – but most importantly, as a trustworthy freelancer. It is imperative to understand the fundamental reasons why you should verify in a world of online anonymity

Many services on Wishu are offered as meet-ups in their shared city. If you hire a photographer, for instance, the photographer will typically go to a location both agreed upon and you will likely meet each other in-person. Having that photographer ID verified is an additional layer of security to you – it tells you that this person has gone through the effort to make sure that potential clients can be confident that any malicious intent won’t occur with payments or during the service, as they have displayed their identity to be real and valid.

The end result is that if you or a client wants to hire someone you know is a real person who takes security and trust seriously, you absolutely can.

You may be wondering, what actually is the verification process and how is my data handled?

We go to lengths to make sure your data is kept secure and out of reach of malicious intent. Your data is secured with Mangopay, an FCA verified, EU-regulated financial institution to verify your identity. Alongside facilitating all of your monetary transactions, what they do is check that the details you’ve entered in your profile, such as your name, birthday, or country of residence, match the ID images you’ve submitted. It typically takes 24 hours during Monday to Friday to be either approved or rejected. When rejected, Mangopay lets us know why, and we’ll let you know why. It’s usually a small incorrect detail on your profile, or the ID image you submitted may not be clear enough. You can find a button that takes you to the ID verification page on your profile. If you have any further questions about this process, shoot me an email at james and I’ll assist in all the ways I can.

At the end of the day, being an ID verified freelancer gives you an enormous advantage over other freelancers; it provides a robust layer of security and trust to clients. Also, it allows you to withdraw your earnings back to your bank account, which is important if you want to do more than spend your earnings on other freelancers on Wishu! The sooner you ID verify, the sooner you can reap the benefits and continue your hard work as a talented creative. If you need any help with this process, send me an email and I’ll work with you through it.


Chief Technology Officer at Wishu

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