Just five days before Christmas, YouTube shared its top ads of 2023, along with some tips to help brands tap into key engagement trends reflected within these promotions.

As we enter into 2024, there are some notes that can be applied to all campaigns and budgets. 

First off, on the top ads. YouTube has tagged promotions from Apple, Pepsi and Louis Vuitton as the best performers of the year.

Apple’s “Study with Me” video, featuring actor Storm Reid, runs for 90 minutes and has generated over 18 million views. In the video, Reid uses the Pomodoro method to maximize her study time and utilizes several Apple devices in the process. The content is both helpful and celebrity-led, which seem to be the key notes, but it also aligns with key trends around “Study With Me” content.

Louis Vuitton meanwhile shared an entire 20-minute fashion show as a promotion, which also included various celebrities. While LV maintains a unique and luxury brand, this is certainly a note that its longer clip does point to more opportunity for long-form content, within certain parameters.

Based on these top performing clips, YouTube has also provided a list of notes to help you improve your YouTube ads approach.

  • Incorporate Shorts
    YouTube recommends brands to diversify their ad campaigns by incorporating Shorts, the platform’s rapidly growing content format. According to YouTube, including vertical creative assets in Video Action Campaigns resulted in 10% to 20% more conversions per dollar on Shorts compared to campaigns using only landscape assets.
  • Explore Long-Form Storytelling
    Some brands are experimenting with long-form content that aligns with current trends, presenting another avenue for consideration in your advertising strategy. While creating longer content may demand additional resources, the potential for increased engagement, especially when tapping into trending topics, could be substantial.
  • Embrace Collaborations with Creators
    A prevalent trend in successful YouTube ads involves teaming up with renowned content creators. While this may not always be feasible for regular brands with budget constraints, exploring partnerships with influencers in your niche could prove to be a fruitful strategy.
  • Harness the Power of AI Tools
    YouTube advises advertisers to explore the use of AI tools for optimizing campaign targeting and performance. According to the platform, campaigns utilizing AI-powered Video Reach Campaigns on YouTube demonstrated an average return on ad spend 3.7 times higher than manually optimized campaigns.

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