If you’ve developed a loyal following online as a creative it may be the time to start producing some merch. For illustrators and graphic designers, you’ve already got the content, right? For musicians, dancers and videographers it may be a little more challenging but still not too far-reaching – you’re still all visual artists, right? If you’re hesitating however and weighing up whether merch is the right decision for you, Wishu is here to list the pros and cons…literally.


  • Increased customers – Visual merchandising can increase the amount of customers who notice and enter your business. If they like what they see and enjoy the experience you create inside, this should encourage them to return to your services. Having a unique approach and producing merch that isn’t your box standard t-shirt but maybe a cool iPhone case or biro collection could intrigue interest.  
  • Increased sales – Effective visual merchandising can have a clear and positive effect on retail sales. Clear pricing, well-stocked shelves, simple displays and prominent sale signs can help drive profits while improving the shopping experience for your customers.
  • Getting the most value out of products – If you have services that are difficult to sell, clever visual merchandising could help you to market them without having to reduce their price. 
  • They make great giveaways – Following up with our first tip, t-shirts make great giveaway and gifts because most people can and will wear them.



  • It’s hard to stand out from the crowd – Depending on your ultimate goal, you may find it difficult for your merch to stand out among the millions and millions of others that are out there. Thanks to online printing services, anyone and their mother can print T-shirts — and cheaply, too! If you’re trying to convey a message or make people notice your brand, it’s not going to be easy.
  • It’s not environmentally friendly – Even though some companies are taking measures to battle it, the clothing and merch industry it’s still one of the most polluting in the world. Even if you decide to print your own garments at home, there’s no guarantee that the T-shirt you’re using as a base was manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.
  • It’s not going to last forever – Unfortunately, there’s no print that will last forever. There are printing techniques of high quality that ensure a long-lasting design, but even those will eventually fade.

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