When it comes to conversations surrounding Web3, NFTs and the metaverse, Twitter is where it’s at.  Twitter spaces are one of the best NFT marketing tools at our disposal today and break down barriers for people who want to connect and inform each other of their experience with Web3 and NFTs. 

NFTs are a new technology that can benefit anyone, not just artists or project creators. Educators, operators, accountants, lawyers, marketers, promoters, technologists, etc. can all carve out a niche in this new industry. Twitter spaces’ aim is to spread this message. 

There are so many Twitter spaces – some specified, others more general. There are spaces specifically tailored for music artists in the web3 space or graphic designers, others for collectors of just Bored Apes, others for all types of buyers or collectors and creators…the list goes on! 

the NFT community spends a lot of time on Twitter spaces. It’s where most people spend most of their time in the community. 

If you’re unsure as to how to find a space to join, there are many helpful ways we are willing to share. 

Firstly, is to look at your favourite profiles and see if their profile picture is purple. If there is an NFT user on Twitter you admire, head to their profile and if their picture has a purple ring it means they are live in a space and you’re free to join as a listener. 

Another way is through the top of your profile on the Twitter mobile app. If you just go onto the app, you’ll see a bunch of live spaces joined by people you follow. You’re free to join any. 

Another way is to simply DM your connections. Ask them what spaces they have going on so they can share the link and you can add it into your calendar. 

There are also public Google calendars which outline all upcoming spaces in one field for the next month. If you’re into music there will be a plethora of events tailored to that etc. You can get these through a tweet asking for them or through a few DMs to those active within the space you’re interested in. 

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