Gifting a yearly subscription to a streaming service is a great gift for anyone – web3 fan or otherwise – but what if I told you that offering a subscription through the blockchain could not only save money but offer additional perks? Renter users of subscriptions in an NFT format can experience benefits such as royalties and shares in the chosen streaming platform. 

StreamNFT is the world’s first TV app for NFT streaming. An unprecedented tool, the app enables people to enjoy their personal NFT art collection with others from the comfort of their TV at home. But the app is capable of even more: boasting a web catalogue of over 550,000 unique NFT pieces, it gives users access to the world’s biggest database of NFT art. There’s a handy search feature incorporating the NFT Lab index. What’s more, interesting works can be “pinned”, making them easier to find again later. Not only can detailed information added by the artists be displayed for each piece, but the app also shows how much the pieces last sold for. The app is available in the Roku channel store


Quelle surprise! If you want to show the Web3 user in your life that you support their passion for blockchain technology, offer them an NFT by a creator they love. If you want to keep it a surprise, simply check their Twitter and Discord accounts and see which mints they’ve retweeted or liked. Equally, feel free to ask them which web3 creators admire over text or a coffee and invest in their favourite. 

A year membership to KOKO Camden

If your loved one lives in or frequents London, it could be worth offering a year membership to KOKO. A music venue and `almost the ‘soho house of music’ KOKO work in partnership with crypto platform Luno to invest in new creators that are active in the web3 space. They even built a corner of KOKO dedicated to act as a hub for web3 music activity IRL (In Real Life). The decor is 20s and 60s inspired and makes for a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing co-working and meeting space. 

Fan Token 

Fan tokens are a type of cryptocurrency designed to provide membership benefits to fandoms of sports teams, bands and other groups. Holders of fan tokens are often entitled to membership perks, such as access to exclusive content, prizes, experiences and the right to vote on club decisions.

The basic idea is that an organisation like a sports team mints lots of fungible tokens (as opposed to non-fungible tokens, or NFTs), then sells or distributes them to fans or speculators. These tokens often retail on secondary marketplaces, just like cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, meaning they are beholden to conventional market forces.

Fan tokens usually confer limited governance rights to holders. Paris St. Germain’s fan token, for instance, lets holders access exclusive VIP experiences and vote on the cover of the fan edition for soccer game FIFA 22. Fans also selected a message to feature inside the team’s locker room for a May 2021 match: “Together we can, Together we will! Let’s take another step towards glory and victory.”

A platform called Socios, created by a company called Chiliz, dominates the market for fan tokens. The platform has secured top deals with institutions such as Barcelona FC. Crypto exchange Binance also launched its own fan tokens platform, imaginatively known as Binance Fan Tokens, in October 2021. Furthermore, platforms such as Rally and Roll have long tried to popularise the idea of a social token, where fans of pop stars and influencers can influence their lives, too. 

The process of buying a fan token is similar to buying any other cryptocurrency. The easiest way to buy them is on a crypto exchange or brokerage, such as Binance.

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