We’ve written a couple articles on the shift from Web 2.0 to 3.0 but today’s focus is on how the change will affect digital marketing for us independent business owners, freelancers and creatives. 

Just to recap on what Web 3.0 is and how it is different to our current (2.0) version of the internet;
Web 1.0. — We click and type (1980s to 2005)
Web 2.0. — We swipe (2005 – present)
Web 3.0 — We immerse and engage with people in Virtual Reality worlds (future and the metaverse). 

Imagine that Web 1.0. consisted mainly of static websites. You set it up, puff it up with content, and wait for traffic to consume the content we produce. 

Web 2.0. evolved to become more interactive. It allowed millions of people to create and comment on each other’s work online. Web2.0 also came with a host of newer technologies that made Websites more interactive like Ajax and Javascript that made it easier to read and write on the web.

Decentralisation and Web 3.0. 

With Web 3.0, apps won’t be delivered from corporate servers but instead will reside on independent Nodes across a multitude of servers owned by the public. This is known as a decentralised Application. Such apps don’t rely on a single entity to set up and maintain the infrastructure but instead run on P2P networks or blockchain technologies (remember Napster from the 90s). Such technologies help to democratise the creation and ownership of Content and protect against a singular corporate entity deciding to shut it down. 

So, how will decentralisation affect our digital marketing as creators?  

More and Better Data
Web3.0 being on the blockchain will give us better open access to data and as a marketer there will be valuable information in these rich data stores that can help us better understand consumer patterns and preferences.

If you’re creating an app for your business now it may be worth looking into building dApps (deCentralised Apps).

Publish limited edition Branded content as NFTs
With blockchain technology you can mint limited edition content as NFTs and give these to your biggest brand advocates. 

Use creator coins to reward customers and advocates
Similarly you could create Coins that you can use to reward your loyal customers.

Pay people to consume your content
With Cryptocurrencies you can even reward users (with low transaction fees) for consuming or sharing your content. Using the Brave Browser this is actually possible now.

Hold your event in a Metaverse
Platforms like Decentraland will allow you to host your marketing event virtually, providing your customers with a brand new experience.

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