2021 was the year Web 3.0 was introduced to the masses. This means that 2022 will see its growth in activity and interest. But what does that mean for the future of freelance employment? 

Sterling Smith, the founder of Black Freelancer, is quoted on the following; “In the past 18 months, many friends who resigned explained to me that they left the traditional nine-to-five job in order to pursue a career that allows them more autonomy in their professional and personal lives. I hope that there are challenging opportunities and projects that are more closely integrated with their passions-their own conditions. Web 3.0 talent networks such as Black Freelancer have thought of themselves as just ’cogs on wheels’ for a long time. Black knowledge workers are connected with companies that understand that the future of work will be distributed and diverse.” 

What enables this difference and diversity is that while Web 2.0 (user generated content) was owned and managed by a single entity, the ownership and management of Web3 data and platforms are distributed. 

This culture particularly favours the future of the workforce. The community leader of Wonderverse and Web3 Baddies have stated that “millennials and Generation Z, who occupy the dominant position of Web 3.0, want to feel the sense of belonging at work, and the respect and boundaries of independent work. Web 3.0 is ready to capture most of the young talents, because the main theme is about collaboration, cooperation, and reciprocity.”

DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organisation) is a work model that makes up Web 3.0’s philosophy and encourages freelance working. In DAO, work, decision-making, and financial transactions are all decentralised and led by the community. This model has given birth to a new freelance economy, where people can do jobs of their choice for multiple DAOs and get multiple sources of income according to their own conditions. 

Just like freelance working, Web 3.0 will favour non-linear income because freelancers will own part of the market. In addition, freelancers working on the Web 3.0 project can earn a combination of stable coins and tokens, some of which can provide unlimited upside.  

Web 3.0 is still very new and there is much speculation that surrounds it. But from what we’ve researched, from a freelance perspective, we’re feeling positive about its potential affect on work lifestyles.

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