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It goes without saying that the work-from-home life, despite all its joys and advantages (pajamas as you work? Yes please!) can get tiresome – specifically in the midst of a pandemic. There’s only so much that socially distanced walks can do and Zoom fatigue seems to get stronger by the day. 

Here are five ways to help combat freelance loneliness during this wild times. 

  • Connect with like-minded individuals
    Whether you live alone or not, it is always a great idea to reach out to freelance friends who will be able to empathise with your current mentality. Reaching out to friends with similar lifestyles, worries and challenges can also help take your mind off your own problems as you focus on advising the other person for 50% of the conversation. If you don’t find that your friends can understand your lifestyle, reach out to new freelancers! Wishu is a great platform that enables you to start conversations with like-minded creatives.  


  • Make time for a call a day…or a week
    Depending on how introverted or extroverted you are it’s important to schedule a non-work-related call when you can. Whether it’s with your mum, your sister, your friend, even an ex!…ok, maybe not that option! Nevertheless, put them on speaker and do your nails and it could almost feel like old times again. 


  • Get outdoors and get that blood pumping
    Going for a walk isn’t what it used to be. Your ears have to carry your mask, your headphones, maybe an earring or two… But trust us, it’s worth it for the mental clarity and the vitamin D not to mention the cardiovascular benefits – the pros definitely outwear the cons!


  • Keep your mind busy
    If you find work a little slow at the moment or your workaholic tendencies can’t deal with the excess downtime, it’s definitely worth picking up a skill to keep the mind busy. Always wanted to learn French? Pick up a GCSE or A-Level French book online. Maybe you’re a musician and you would like to learn how to produce your own stuff; YouTube is full of endless free tutorials to keep your mind at play.  


  • Interactive chill time
    Watching Netflix on your ones can definitely get tiresome and oftentimes fuel the loneliness. Instead, find a way to enjoy your downtime in a way that involves others. Gamers already know what we are talking about here, but if you’re not a gamer maybe do a ‘When Harry Met Sally’ moment and have your significant other or best friend on WhatsApp or even facetime as you watch the same film or series at the same time. There are currently two seasons of Drag Race out – why not create a WhatsApp chat with friends where you review each episode together? Let’s make Friday nights fun again!


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