The opening of a Wassies-themed boutique hotel in Singapore has resulted in a surge in prices for the By Wassies non-fungible token (NFT) collection, with floor prices increasing by over 20% in just two days. The six-floor pop-up hotel features 55 rooms, with many of them themed in shades of purple and featuring art made in collaboration with other projects. The hotel offers discounts of up to 20% on room bookings and 69% on drinks at the in-house cafe for Wassie NFT holders. With over 12,000 individual NFTs and 2,300 unique holders, the Ethereum-based collection has quickly become a popular choice for collectors.

The Wassies are a fictional comic created by the pseudonymous Crypto Twitter account inversebrah, which is known for documenting memes and jokes that revolve around the crypto community. The distinct slang used by Inversebrah and other self-styled Wassie accounts has contributed significantly to the online crypto culture, with words like “wen,” “gud,” and “koin” being quickly adopted by the community.

The Wassie-themed hotel is viewed as a way to popularize the Wassie brand among the general public and bring crypto culture into the real world. According to the creators of the Wassie collection, the hotel represents a small step in their efforts to deploy the By Wassies brand IP in all shapes and forms.

As the Wassie-themed hotel opens its doors to guests, the surge in the floor prices of the Wassie NFT collection highlights the potential for real-world events and collaborations to drive the value of NFTs. It will be interesting to see whether this trend continues and whether other NFT collections will follow suit in the future.

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