Warner Bros. Discovery faces backlash and apologizes for miscrediting writers and directors on HBO Max

Warner Bros. Discovery, the company behind HBO Max streaming service, recently faced criticism for grouping writers, directors, and producers under the generic term “creators” in the credits section of their platform.

This decision has been met with backlash, especially during an ongoing writers strike in the entertainment industry. In response, Warner Bros. Discovery has issued an apology, blaming technical issues and pledging to rectify the situation.

The Writers Guild of America and the Directors Guild of America condemned the move, stating that it devalues the individual contributions of artists. They view it as a disrespect to the hard work and talent that goes into creating films and TV shows. Warner Bros. Discovery acknowledged the mistake and promised to correct the credits, attributing the error to a technical transition from HBO Max to their new platform, Max.

However, some speculate that the decision was intentional and an attempt to undermine the importance of creators, many of whom are currently on strike demanding fair pay.

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