Major credit card companies Visa and Mastercard have reportedly put their plans to enter the cryptocurrency market on hold following the recent industry meltdown.

According to sources, the decision to pause the companies’ cryptocurrency push was made in response to the market’s significant downturn in recent weeks, which has seen the value of Bitcoin and other digital currencies drop by over 30%. The move is seen as a temporary setback for Visa and Mastercard, who had been exploring ways to integrate cryptocurrencies into their payment systems in an effort to stay competitive and meet the demands of consumers.

Visa and Mastercard’s decision to hold off on their cryptocurrency plans is not surprising given the volatile nature of the market. In recent months, regulatory crackdowns, market speculation, and environmental concerns over the high energy consumption of blockchain technology have contributed to the instability of the cryptocurrency market.

Despite the current setback, industry experts predict that credit card companies will eventually re-enter the cryptocurrency space as digital currencies become more mainstream and consumer demand for them grows. Visa and Mastercard’s competitors, such as PayPal and Square, have already made significant moves in the cryptocurrency market, with both companies allowing customers to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies on their platforms.

While the cryptocurrency market remains unpredictable, it is clear that the potential benefits of integrating digital currencies into traditional payment systems are too great for credit card companies to ignore in the long run. Visa and Mastercard’s pause in their cryptocurrency push may be a temporary setback, but it is unlikely to dampen their long-term interest in this rapidly evolving sector.

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