If you haven’t already seen the first episode of Black Mirror’s latest season, you’re in for a real treat. The chaotic episode stars Salma Hayek and Annie Murphy as actresses who give a Netflix dupe permission to use their likeness for an eerie television show. 

In the real world, another Latina icon, Jennifer Lopez, is embracing AI’s potential by giving Virgin Voyages permission to use her likeness for a “Jen AI” custom invite tool.

Created by VMLY&R, the tool hosted within virginvoyages.com allows consumers to invite friends and family to join them on one of the adults-only cruises. The messages from Lopez can be customised with the occasion, amenities they want to hype, destination and the names of the organiser and invitees.

Essentially AI and the image of JLo helps Virgin to develop diverse content without the need for various production and many shooting days. “Life is busy and it’s difficult to get your crew together and make it all happen,” Ryan McManus, VMLY&R chief creative officer of North America, said in a statement. “With all the developments around [generative] AI, we decided to build something that can help invite the world to Voyage.”

Virgin Voyages introduced the new function in a minute-long ad showing Lopez talking up the cruise, only to have her voice replaced and her face become pixelated. The video then moves to an “AI lab” whose employees take turns in a motion capture suit to control what Lopez says and does.

The partnership was first announced back in 2021 so we are curious as to whether it served as inspiration for Hayek’s appearance in Black Mirror’s ‘Joan is Awful’. 

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