Vincent Chapters Street Exhibition is London at its Finest

From black and white film shots of D Double E to casual shots of passersby, born and bred Londoner Vincent Chapter is displaying selective shots from his Love project across BUILDHOLLYWOOD poster sites as part of a London street exhibition. 

29-year-old Chapters sources from London’s environment, lifestyle, and culture to display portraits filled with grit, joy and hustle – all the things that make up our crazy city! 

Chapter’s portraits are diverse in their subjects yet manage to carve out a niche thanks to his authentic, urban style. 

Entitled “Your Space or Mine”, this exhibition is “the country’s biggest ongoing creative project on the street” according to its creator BUILDHOLLYWOOD. The initiative aims to give artists a creative platform on the streets to support the creative community and energise local neighbourhoods. Founded on the belief that art should be for everyone and made accessible for all to enjoy, this worthy project has also seen involvement from Gum Man, The Molasses Gallery and Matty Bovan, amongst others.

The portraits span eight years which cleverly and subtly portrays changes in gentrification and London as a city in a post Brexit, mid Covid world that has affected the urban area in a plethora of ways. 

Chapters is renowned for his flair for taking relaxed but compelling portraits of the people he’s drawn to, and this exhibition will be no exception. His pictures are celebratory, and, as a result, they’re characterised by visible reciprocal respect between photographer and subject. 

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