Vegan hair care with Eygptian roots? Magpie Studio’s new identity for Khali Min

London-based Magpie Studio’s designs for Khali Min. ‘Khali Min’, meaning ‘free from’ in Arabic, is a new vegan range of sustainable hair care products which are made in the UK but take inspiration from Egyptian roots. 

London-based Magpie Studio’s new logo draws reference from Arabic calligraphy and its free-flowing lines, represent unruly hair that’s been tamed. Research on tradition and culture were deep and Khali Min‘s founder Vanessa Kahlo asked Magpie to draw from a storied, structured cultural tradition that is instantly recognisable. Kahlo says “their genius was to create an Arabic-influenced typographical logo and an arabesque interpretation that pays tribute to this heritage. They gave us something familiar but new.
The brand has an emphasis on high performance, fair-trade, transparent sourcing and non-toxic ingredients and its logo represents both this traditional tie to earth as well as the modern need to be sustainable. 
Khaliu Min is now stocked in Selfridges and with its spring collection is available from June.

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