Vegamama: Wagamama Welcomes A New Veggie Monster to Town!

Popular London based studio Uncommon has designed a delightful new character used in Wagamama’s latest ads as a way of promoting its veggie and vegan menu. 

Childish yet charming, the Godzilla-style monster is seen rampaging through a city as a way for the restaurant to highlight its environmental credentials. 

Directed by Vedran Rupic, the ad follows Vegamama on an anger spree, sparked by her disappointment at how we’ve treated the planet. The ad sees her take aim at an offshore oil rig and skyscrapers and she only cools down once she notices that Wagamama’s menu is 50% vegan. 

The inspiration is fitting for the Japanese fusion restaurant as the animation style nods to many kaiju classics and the ad features retro crafting and nostalgic touches.

The Vegamama monster suit was modelled in 3D and clay, before then being brought to life using foam, latex, and sophisticated animatronics, giving her the ability to move her face and eyes.


Creative Studio: Uncommon

Production Company: RiffRaff

Director: Vedran Rupic

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