Even the most creative agencies require exterior creative help at points. Using creative freelancers can make for many productive and inspiring pairings.

The question is; how can you structure a partnership to produce the best work possible? Wishu is here to help you build long-lasting, bountiful relationships with creative freelancers who can bring your visions to life via their services.

Know what you’re looking for

You can’t find the right freelancer without knowing what you need.
Make sure you have those numbers ready and organised for when they ask the rate.
Is the project well defined, or do you need someone’s help to plan it?
Location and proximity
Are you happy for the freelancer to work fully remotely or do you need someone to come in once a week.
Are they working with or for?
Are you looking for a freelancer to collaborate ideas with or do you just need a pair of hands to execute your idea?
What deliverables will they need to present?


Choose the right freelancer for you

In order to build a bountiful relationship, you need the right fit.
Ask referrals
Once you’ve found someone you like the look of, ask for referrals to gauge how they work.
Look far and wide
Thanks to the flexible work style of modern life, agencies who work in cities as expensive as London can look to freelancers based in small British towns or overseas to save money. Also, gaining the perspective of a different culture could be a great insight, creatively.
Search for specialisation, USP and POV
When it comes to creative freelancers, the nicher the better. If they claim to “do everything,” it can be a little harder to figure out what they truly excel at. They can then bring their signature to your brand.
Set up an introductory call
There needs to be a ‘vibe’. Ask them how they would approach your project and how they worked on similar projects in the past. The proof is in the pudding!

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