US Agency Launches A Division For LGBTQ+ Freelance Talent

The Peter Kallinteris Agency, based in Los Angeles, launches The Queer Division this week dedicated to representing actors, models, and influencers who identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Peter Kallinteris himselfs identifies as queer and states the the inspiration to the set up the division was sparked by his experience as a gay actor. 

“The queer division of PKA was a natural outgrowth of my own personal evolution coming out as a gay man, then from artist to agent,” said Kallinteris. “As the entertainment industry creates space for queer stories on screen, we are excited to represent the full spectrum of humanity and sexuality within the arts—not as one-dimensional caricatures but as people whose emotions run the full gamut of the human experience, like anyone else. We are excited to be at the forefront of this change in the industry.” 

Drag queens Gaudy Gomorrah and Evora Baden are already confirmed talents as part of the PKA Queer Division.

Kallinteris hopes that the division will showcase how diverse the label ‘queer’ truly is; “throughout the history of cinema, gays and lesbians have been portrayed in stereotypical roles and both are still often played by straight people,” he said, “but within the broader queer culture, there are subcultures, just as within any community. There are nuances within each that will never find its way in a table read. To create an authentic moment, the space has to be made for those who have lived that life every day. These are their stories, and they should have representation on screen. That’s why this division is so important.”

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