Unpredictable YouTube star Emma Chamberlain graces cover of Rolling Stone’s Creator Issue – find out how she’s changing the game!

Rolling Stone Magazine’s second annual Creator Issue has arrived, and Emma Chamberlain graces the cover. This time last year, the magazine featured MrBeast (real name Jimmy Donaldson) as its inaugural Creator Issue cover story. However, Chamberlain is the perfect person to take the annual tradition into its second year. Rolling Stone has profiled her in a cover story that tracks her winding career path, characterizing her as an unpredictable figure who is willing to go off-script in search of artistic fulfillment.

One of the many things that stand out about Chamberlain is her willingness to do things differently. She hosts the podcast Anything Goes and releases easygoing travel vlogs on her YouTube channel, which are known for their intentional imperfections and loose feel. Her content is unique, and that’s what sets her apart.

Despite her success, Chamberlain took an extended hiatus from YouTube after feeling the pressures of the platform. She grinds on a more artistic level, constantly searching for original twists to add to her forthcoming-yet-easygoing persona. “You start to feel like, ‘Oh, fuck, this is getting boring,’” she told Rolling Stone. “I’m bored of this. Everyone else is getting bored of this.”

Chamberlain’s cover story is an excellent read for those who want to learn more about the mercurial star. The piece reveals much about her past and present, including one of the inspirations for her vlog, Lucas Cruikshank, aka Fred. It also reveals that she’s about to bring her first guests onto Anything Goes.

Rolling Stone’s latest Creator Issue offers readers a glimpse into the creator lifestyle from many different points of view. The personalities featured range from TikTok it girls (Alix Earle, The D’Amelios) to savvy streamers (Valkyrae) to YouTube legends (Coffeezilla, Logan Paul).

For the 12 million fans who subscribe to Chamberlain on YouTube, one big question remains unanswered: Will her YouTube home offer more than the occasional travel update? “If I’m in the mood to film some shit, I’m going to do it,” she told Rolling Stone. “But God knows what that’s going to be. It’s not going to be like anything I’ve ever done.”

Chamberlain’s cover story is an exciting read for anyone interested in learning more about one of the most unique creators in the game. Rolling Stone’s Creator Issue is available now, so be sure to grab a copy and delve into the many different perspectives on offer.

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