Last summer, Uber strategically entered the TikTok scene, deploying a well-thought-out plan that swiftly garnered over 750,000 followers and 35 million organic video views in less than a year. Phil Rosario, Uber’s global social media lead for TikTok, took the reins, shaping a playbook designed to not only tap into TikTok’s massive audience but also to forge a community around relatable moments tied to Uber’s services.

Partnership with Grin:

Rosario’s partnership with the creator management platform Grin, initiated in September, played a crucial role in this triumph. This collaboration allowed Uber to triple its content production, introducing new faces efficiently. The seamless functionality of Grin, facilitating communication and payments on one platform, eliminated the need for a middleman agency, streamlining the creative process.

Content Mix and Channel Growth:

Uber’s TikTok channel, now boasting nearly 1 million followers, seamlessly blends brand-contributed and creator-made content, showcasing the full spectrum of Uber’s offerings, from rideshare to UberEats. Rosario’s selective approach to choosing creators, prioritizing diversity and creativity over mere follower counts, has been instrumental in creating a vibrant community of engaging characters.

Beyond Vanity Metrics:

In a departure from traditional metrics, Rosario focuses on creators aligned with Uber’s values and lifestyle, aiming for enduring partnerships. This strategic approach has resulted in collaborative projects, such as a custom effect created by a TikTok creator, generating over 2,000 user-generated posts.

Positive Sentiment and Community Growth:

Over time, positive sentiment around Uber’s TikTok presence has surged, with consumers actively engaging with the brand’s content. Rosario emphasizes the significance of fostering strong, enduring partnerships with creators, ensuring a smooth experience that positively reflects on the brand. The success, measured qualitatively, underscores the effectiveness of Uber’s strategic approach to TikTok community building.

Uber’s TikTok journey serves as a testament to the power of thoughtful planning and genuine community engagement in the dynamic landscape of social media. In less than a year, the rideshare giant not only joined the cultural conversation on TikTok but also managed to shape a thriving community, proving that strategic thinking and authentic connection are the driving forces behind successful social media endeavors.

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