Twitter is officially relaunching its creator subscription program which will allow users to monetize their tweets, and build a business in the app. Entry requirements will also be reduced thus enabling more users to sign-up and begin taking in money for their content. 

Worth noting is that this new ‘Subscriptions’ program is a re-naming of its ‘Super Follows’ and like Super Follows, the program will enable Twitter users to charge subscribers for exclusive tweets, subscriber-only Spaces, special badges on their tweets to display their affiliation, and a Subscriber-only tweets tab on creator profiles. 

Where in the first iteration of Super Follows, users needed to have at least 10k followers to qualify for the program, but now, as you can see in the image above, Twitter has reduced that to 50 which is quite the drop. Though it does seem like many more users can now access the option, and at that much lower audience requirement, that’ll open up monetization to millions more Twitter users.

Creators also have to have tweeted 25 times in the preceding 30 days, and be over 18, with US users currently the only ones able to monetize via the program (though users around the world can sign-on to be a subscriber).

The Patreon-esque model Creators will have the option to charge $2.99, $4.99, or $9.99 per month for access to their exclusive elements, with all of the revenue being passed on to creators for the first year.

Musk has identified creator monetization as a key element in his revamp of the platform, with the view being that by providing more ways for users to make money in the app, that will keep them more aligned to Twitter, and posting more content, more often.

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