Twitter is working on a new feature that allows verified organizations to post job listings on their profiles. They’ve created an official @TwitterHiring account, though no tweets are out yet.

Even though Twitter hasn’t officially announced it, some verified organizations can already post job listings under their bios. Interested applicants can click on the listings to learn more and apply on the company’s website.

App researcher Nima Owji shared a screenshot of the feature called “Twitter Hiring.” Verified organizations can add up to five job positions and import all their open jobs to Twitter in minutes through a supported ATS or XML feed.

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, hinted at this feature in May after a user suggested adding dating features, to which Musk responded, “maybe jobs too.” With this new feature, Twitter aims to compete with companies like LinkedIn and Indeed. Twitter acquired a job-matching tech startup called Laskie in May, which may have helped develop the feature.

Verified organizations won’t need to pay extra for the job postings feature. It’s included in Twitter’s $1,000 per month Verified for Organizations package, as reported by media company Workweek’s CEO, Adam Ryan.

While users already post job listings through tweets, this new feature will make it easier for companies to reach candidates across Twitter’s wide user base.

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